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KTB Construction is converting an office building into an retail space and the office building was full of cabinetry, doors, etc. The Medical Office was built, but never opened due to lack of funding, so the building was brand new and never used. The retail space going in needs none of the materials inside, so we are looking to sell the materials from the building. The materials are in prime condition and were removed with care for resale.

We are open to discussing price per piece or as a bulk offer to take possession of all the materials.

Items for sale include:

(36) Solid Birch Fire rated 3-0x7-0 Doors with knock down metal frames
(20) Automatic Door Closures
(36) Various locks and passages sets (some corbon locks)
(36) Ball Bearing Hinges (3 per door)
(38) Various Base Cabinets in sizes from 18", 24", 30",36", 42", 45" & 54"
(31) Various Wall Cabinets in sizes from 15"x30", 36"x12", 36"x30", 42"x30" & 48"x30"
(10) 2'x'2 & 18"x18" Stainless Steel Sinks with faucets
(46) 2'x4' Lay In Light Fixtures (for an acoustic ceiling)
(2) American Standard Commercial Grade ADA Toilets
(2) American Standard Wall Mount Sinks
(2) 5' Welded Frame with glass (with door opening)

In addition to the items above we also have numerous formica counter tops in various sizes.