Evict Squirrels In Your Attic - $1


Model MB10K Unit. All material is UL Approved. The MB10K Unit is a high intensity strobe light that irritates the sensitive eyes of rodents. It disrupts their living cycle, compelling the rodents to leave the vicinity. The MB10K Unit is a safe and harmless eviction that is environmentally friendly - NO CHEMICALS, NO NOISE, NO ODER.

Too Easy! The Squirrel Evictor also gets rid of roof rats, rodents and raccoons. Before entering attic make sure no rodents are present. Play a radio and shine a flash light before entering attic to install. Start by screwing a hook into a wooden beam. Hang chosen chain link on hook. Then plug into a 120 volt AC current receptacle. That’s the installation. Exposure to the strobe trains the rodents to hate your home and discourages gnawing and further property damage. Never look directly into the strobe tube.

Owner's Manual included. See attached pictures.

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$1.00 each