QuickstepELIGNA Dark Grey Varnished Oak Planks. - $330 obo


This click install laminate flooring was bought, but never used. All items are still in their original packaging. The set comes with enough laminate flooring to do a room 166.5 sq. feet, sub flooring and padding. We paid $2.43 per sq. foot originally. If you do the math we are selling this at $1.99 a sq. foot.

The flooring would be enough to redo a office or smaller bedroom. We have 9 boxes, +/- 18.53 Sq.Feet per box.

Plank Size
A. Length - 54 11/32"
B. Width - 6 1/8"
C. Thickness - 5/16" (8 mm)

Type: Single Plank
AC Rating: AC4 - Flooring is fit for commercial operations with standard amounts of foot traffic such as a small shop or office.
Planks / Sq. Ft. per Carton : 8 / ± 18.5378

Residential Limited Lifetime & Commercial 5-Year Warranty
The Residential and Commercial 5-Year Warranties cover defects in material and/or workmanship which relate to joint integrity, staining, fading, wear and moisture resistance during normal use.

Natural Authentic®
Mirrors the wood grain pattern of natural wood.
Square edges create a seamless transition.
$330.00 or best offer