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We have thousands of Gallon of Paint in Stock
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Sears Weatherbeater Paint
Can't beat weather better than with Weatherbeaters Paint.



Easy Living paint
It goes on easy and looks great when done, low maintenance.

Dutch Boy
Dirt Fighter®
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__Key Features
• Resists household dirt and stains
• One-coat coverage
• Rooms look cleaner longer
• Provides a durable, washable finish
• 25-year warranty Recommended Uses
• All rooms including bathrooms and kitchens.

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Brand new one gallon cans of brand name paint. This paint sells at the store for between $22.99 and $29.99 per gallon.
1 to 24 gallons for $11 per gallon.
24 to 50 gallons will sell for $10.00 per gallon. 50 to 100 gallons is $ 9.00
Can be tinted to your desired color. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase paint at 40% or less of retail price. We can sell one gallon up to one truckload. At this price we will sell out fast. Contact me with you phone number
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