Cut Sheetrock, Drywall Fast and Easy. Just like a Pro - $3.50


Would you like to shave hours off of the time it usually takes you hang Drywall? Have I got the tool for you. Hi, my name is Mike Cornacchio and I have been in the construction business, as a contractor, in the New York, Long Island area for the last 25 years. The tool I would like to introduce you to is called the Zip-Rip. Zip-Rip is a simple tool that clamps on to any standard tape measure and secures a razor knife to the end hook. With Zip-Rip you no longer need to use bulky t-squares or messy chalk lines. You get square cuts and straight rips every time. Simply hold the tape, at the required measurement against the drywall board. While gripping the Zip-rip with the other hand just slide down the board for straight rips or square cuts each and every time. Zip-Rip also holds a pencil securely so you can mark electric boxes and outlets for fast and easy cutouts. The pencil holder is great for scribing irregular shapes, allowing for tight fitting pieces, and also works as a radius marking tool. The best part is it's so small! Just screw it on to the tape measure and you’re done. That's it! This is no scam ! I use this tool every time I hang Drywall and I believe this tool is the best way anyone can cut drywall with speed and great accuracy. All you have to do is use it one time and it will be the first thing you'll reach for the next time you hang drywall. That's a promise. Thank you for your time and the chance for you to try Zip-Rip. Have a Great day ! Take a look and see it work at . Zip-Rip was also used on the job sites of A B C's Extreme Makeover and Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County and They Loved it.
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Sincerely, Mike Cornacchio