Home Service in Bangladesh - $7 obo



To say home doctor service is a doctor visit service at home on demand would not be wrong. In-home doctor service is a service when the doctor visits you at home when you are unable to or prefer not to visit a doctor personally. To provide convenience and quality medical care from professionals from your area is the sole intention of Doctor All Khulna . Doctor All Khulna was established with the motive of providing Home Doctor Service in Bangladesh targeting Khulna city mainly.


Home visit doctors are not some of the latest innovations. They have prevailed long before. And old fashion is coming back due to many reasons. We bring the quickest, most reliable medical service solution to every area in Dhaka. We have a major number of doctors in every part of Dhaka city ready to offer medical care at your home.

How can we help you?
With the advent of technology, medical treatments have seen a lot of improvement. So did convenience in every field. Today you no longer have to visit a clinic when it is not possible, but the doctor comes to your house for your service. Doctor All Khulna has tie-ups with the best of the best doctors, health professionals in all fields. No matter which location you are at, we have an association with highly experienced doctors all around Dhaka city and beyond. Our services are known for the value of money. In-home doctors are much more affordable than regular hospital charges.

How long does it take for the doctor to reach your location?
The whole procedure is fully automated with the resources of the top quality. On top of that, we have a team constantly monitoring everything 24/7 to ensure the smooth running of the system. When someone requests our service, a countdown begins instantly. The designated doctor will be at your address within 30 to 60 minutes only. The service recipient will be able to see a live feed of the doctor’s location.

What is the procedure of Priyojon In-home doctor service?
Here are a few simple steps on how you can get a doctor's home visit on demand

We get a request from you. You can request our service using various platforms like mobile apps, website or you can call us directly.
We inquire about the client's address, the patient’s condition.
According to the patient’s condition and requirements, we send a health professional from your nearby area.
With an hour, the designated doctor will reach your home
Be sure to keep the prescriptions ready so that you get the proper diagnosis and treatment.
$7.00 or best offer