Circuit Arc Gen Welder 400 AMP 3 Phaze A/C D/C - $500


OLD I think 1951?? Moter is a 216 cid 6 cyl. with insert bearings. I used to have a classic car junk yard. Moter is that vintage SO?? It is a 400 amp continous duty cycle generator 3 phaze A/C D/C rev.110 &220 &440. Last time it was used it powered two houses untill the power poles were finnally installed. Parked since. Needs TLC. And another axel under carriage. I have more than one to pick from. It is mounted on a channel box. could just put on truck or trailer. VERY HEAVY Moter would be good for your Old chev P.U. or car!! Mid 30's -1953 I think