Miller Legand A/C D/C rev 8,500 watt 100Duty Cyc - $1,200


As above,moter has about 3 hours welding time since new piston and valve time, on moter. Needs Exciter spring from miller,takes about 30 seconds to put it on! Most of that time is getting it out of the bag!! I took the air guard off the flywheel, and was going to put an electric clutch {A/C Style} on fly wheel to drive 2 cyl air compressor I have to use the machine as a Carbon ARC Torch. Because it is 100% Duty Cycle. Cutting bending rebar. Got sick and don't DON'T DO MUCH ANYMORE Is on a trailer set with OX & ACCET. Tank holders, Two cabel stand wraps. Machine uses 4 cabels. 360 degree vice stand.swivels and rises and lowers. Sun popped tires have wrong wheels on trailer. Have right wheels and fenders.Trailer has lights.will seperate. Will Trade for??????What ya got??????