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Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.


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Upward nice red color big fruit fresh market hot chilli pepper H17-309, Green to red hybrid sweet pepper capsicum seeds Xiangyan 8, Yellowish green big fruit chilli hot pepper seeds H100

Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.(Peppera Seed), holding subsidiary of Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd,established in 1988 with registered capital of 5 million USD.It is a national leading scientific and technological enterprise which focus on the breeding,production,development and sales of vegetable new varieties,mainly hot pepper varieties..

The company’ new headquarter,located in Longwangmiao Villiage,Chunhua Town of Changsha County was established in 2014 with the construction areas of 4290 square meters which is a incorporate modernized general building including cold storage room,warehouse,processing room,quality control,R&D and official business..

No.998 Longwangmiao village,Chunhua Town, Changsha County,Hunan 410139,P.R.China
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