5x5 Tri-Color Cowhide Rug - $190 obo

United States


Our cowhide rugs are made from genuine cowhides and will add elegance to your home. You can use this as an area rug to complement your home's decor or as a wall hanging. This is an authentic cowhide rug of the highest quality with a soft feel and vibrant colors. Check our Hides and Products page as similar hides come in different sizes and colors, so you can choose what will work best for your room.

Actual Cowhide Shown.

Material: 100% Natural Cowhide

Delivery Time in 2 to 4 Business Days

Size = 5x5

Color: Tri-Color

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Kindly note that natural animal skin may possess some natural flaw(s) like birthmarks, barbed wire streak, natural spot or natural hair off, or 1 or 2 holes. These are considered to be absolutely fine, not visibly apparent, and does not affect the beauty of the rug.

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$190.00 or best offer