Collapsible StoolOrange - $28

New York, NY, USA


The portable folding stool can solve many of your problems, allowing you to sit and rest anytime and anywhere instead of standing and waiting. The folding stool is the best choice for outdoor trips. It’s lightweight, adjustable, easy to open and close, super convenient to carry with an adjustable strap. An excellent gift for anyone looking for a Portable Stool.

Lightweight: Telescopic stool weighs only 1.1 KG and is 25.5 cm in diameter, easy to use and carry.

Adjustable Height: Telescopic the stool can be adjusted to the desired height from 6 to 41 cm.

Fish Scale Structure & Special Material: Specially Designed Fish scale structure and plastic material give the stool remarkable strength with Side support. The capacity of resistance to tilt is more substantial than other brands. All these qualities make the stool sturdier and more durable.

Retractable & Portable: The Telescope stool is retractable which is easy to fold and unfold. It opens and can easily fold up in nanoseconds with only one hand. It’s easy to carry in hand or on the shoulder with an adjustable strap.

High Load Capacity: This heavy-duty material is made of high-quality nylon ABS material which is Durable. The inner structure is designed in such a way that makes the stool extra strong. It can effortlessly hold up to 500lbs.

Self-Open Prevention: It prevents the foldable stool from opening by itself when it is closed.

Engineering Structure: The inner structure of the stool is uniquely designed with 120 segments, making it flexible and strong.

Easy to Store: It is quickly and easily folding away for convenient storage. This is also a space-saving foldable stool.

Variations: Available in multi-colors.

Dimension: 10.71 x 10.43 x 2.91 inches (LxWxH).

Available in Multi-Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Black, Sky Blue.