Heart Interface Freedom 25 SOLARINVERTER2500W - $350


See photo below. This is the Freedom 25 but the actual model # is 81-0253-12 (204). It was manufactured in 1994, purchased in 95, sat in storage waiting to be installed until 2002 and is now being retired/replaced by an 8000 watt system. It has never given me the slightest problem and it's kept the battery bank to optimum charge via the solar cells for over 8 years, hot or cold, rain or shine. This unit has many, many years of life left in it. The specifications are:
Inverter Mode: input: 12VDC, 250 Amps at rated output.
output: 120VAC, 60Hz, 2500Watt continuous.
Charger Mode: input: 120VAC, 60Hz 25 Amps
output: 13.5VDC, 130 Amps
type: Automatic 3 Stage Charging
It also has surge protection built in as well as thermal protection.
So if you have an RV with solar panels or a cabin in the mountains with solar panels or if you are planning on having solar panels in the near future, you can't beat this deal for a 2500 watt inverter. Asking only $350. as the retail is well over $1000. Please call 702-752-3896 any time, day or night or respond via this ad. Thanks & happy holidays!