70 Yr Old Clear Mahogany 3/8" Tongue&Groove Panel - $1,100 obo


This kind of clear Mahogany paneling costs at least 3x what I have it listed here for, if you can find it. This is not a laminate. It is real, clear 3/8" thick Mahogany paneling that was removed from a house on the old Desert Inn golf course when DI was widened over 10 years ago. See photos below. The large panel in the photos is the original finish & the smaller, lighter board is the same paneling planed down to 1/4" thickness with no finish on it. I have 24 boards that are 89" long and 5" wide and another 26 boards that are 83.5" long and 7" wide along with the panel you see in the photos which is 39" by 37". The width measurements are actually .5" more but I subtracted that .5" because they are tongue & groove. I have a total of 189.7 SQUARE, NOT LINEAR, feet of this beautiful paneling that would make a perfect, unique wainscotting in any room anywhere. You will probably never again see real, clear Mahogany paneling at this low a price, if you ever see it again. It is near extinction now. You will never again be able to get real, clear Mahogany boards like these at this price so don't let this opportunity slip away & be gone forever. $1,100 obo. Please call 702-752-3896 any time, day or night. Happy Holidays!
$1,100.00 or best offer