Reflective Roll Insulation - $8 obo

Wakefield, MA, USA


24" x 12.5' reflective insulation (unused part of a roll).

Reflectix small project rolls address specific needs not possible with traditional insulations, such as: recreational vehicles, camping (Tent liner, sleeping bag pad, cooler cover), household (Water heater wrap, drop down stairs cover, hot water radiator reflector), wrapping water pipes and ductwork. This reflective insulation product is not only versatile, but very easy to work with and install. There are no itchy fibers and the only tools required are a utility knife, safety glasses and a tape measure. Multiple options are available for fastening the product: Staples, screws/washers, foil tape, contact cement or construction adhesive. Once you find one use for the product, two others will come to mind.

Reflects 94%+ percent of radiant energy
R-values range from R-1.1 to R-4.2 depending on application
Easy to install
Class A / class 1 fire rating
Durable and lightweight
Inhibits condensation and does not promote the growth of fungi, mold or mildew
Will not compress, collapse or disintegrate
Does not promote nesting of insects, rodents or pests
Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate
Vapor and radon retarder
Not affected by moisture or humidity
$8.00 or best offer