White Vinyl Patio Door - $2,000

2803 Northeast 24th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA


Montecito, 8621FM, SD4F, RO 190" x 96", UF: 0.29, SGC: 0.24, VLT: 0.46
Energy Package 3D MAX North
Keyed Lock(s)
Upgraded Screen with Pureview
Clear Opening W: 82 1/4" H: 78 1/2" SQ: 44.84
Fin Placement: 1 3/8" Setback; Sliding Direction: OXXOL; Exterior
Finish: White; Interior Finish: White; Energy Package: 3D MAX North;
Glazing: Dual Glazed (Insulated Glass); Tempered: All; Outer Glass Lite
Option: SunCoat Low-E; Inner Glass Lite Option: Clear; Glass Thick 1:
5/32"; Glass Thick 2: 5/32"; Spacer Type: EdgeGardMAX; Gas Filled:
Argon; Handle Type: SmartTouch; Screen: Upgraded with Pureview
mesh; STC: 31 CPD: MIL-A-205-00598-00001

Milgard will install for free and there is a lifetime warranty on the door and windows