Recessed Lights NEW Rimikon LED Dimmable Trim Light 11.5W and 11.5WW 24 Volt DC - $25

Cypress, TX, United States


Description: Rimikon 11.5-watt, 4 inch dimmable white and warm white LED recessed lights (also known as LED downlights, pot lights or can lights) are designed for ceilings, showers and outdoor soffits using extra low voltage wiring.

Expected life span: up to 50,000 hours (22.8 years at 6 hours per day).
For use in dry or damp locations.
Suitable for use in enclosed recessed locations

Installation: Easy to install. Requires a 24V DC power supply, which can power up to 6 LED recessed lights. Cutout hole should be 3-3/4 inch or 4inch. No metal back can required (Type IC). Certified to be used with extra low voltage 14-2 stranded copper wire. Maximum length of wire is 150