PaveStone Venetian Sierra Blend PaversTumbled) - $1,531 obo

Vallejo, CA, USA


Everyone told me "order at least 10% more pavers than you think you'll need", so I ordered 10% more pavers than I thought I would need and now . . . I have 10% more pavers than I needed.

The pavers are Pavestone Venetian Heritage Distressed (tumbled) in various sizes:

3 and 1/3 pallets of 6"x9"/6"x6" combo
27 6"x12"
60 12"x12"

The various sizes are used to create a pattern. See the attached photo for details and for a picture of the pavers installed in my back yard. The listed price is for all of the pavers. They're brand new and I'm selling them for 30% less than the discounted rate I got when I purchased them.

There's no delivery - you'll have to arrange pickup from my driveway and transport to your desired location.
$1,531.00 or best offer