Drainage mat used behind faux rock / brick walls. - $165 obo

Gallatin, TN, United States


Drainage mat used behind faux rock / brick walls. (Approx. .45" thick x 39" wide x 100' long) About 50 #'s. Covers approx. 325 sq. ft. Paid $300 plus shipping. I'll include two tubes of sealant, too. ($12 value)
Adding a drainage mat provides a means for air circulation and moisture control on the exterior of your home. By creating a pocket of air, the mat creates a way for moisture buildup or wind-driven rain potentially trapped under panels to dry and evaporate faster. Adding them during a home remodel is a good way to add peace of mind knowing you have extra protection.

This exterior home accessory provides a layer of air that assists in moisture ventilation, improved home breathability and decreases the chance of leaks caused by trapped water. Studies by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) have shown that drainage mats, also known as “rain screens”, can increase a home’s energy efficiency as well.

Please check your local building code requirements to determine if a drainage mat is a necessary addition to your home remodel. Even if one is not required, we recommend using one for the added moisture protection, increased efficiency and improved home ventilation.

Our Gray mat is made from recycled polypropylene and meets the Canadian Building Code requirements for drainage mats and rain screens. This mat will NOT meet Canadian Building Code requirements.

Please remember to check with your local, regional and/or national building codes to ensure proper construction and correct materials required by law.
$165.00 or best offer