Heath Ceramic Tile 3x9, Crease Out, Chalk, 2nd Quality, 90 pieces - $460

San Francisco, CA, United States


Gorgeous Heath tile at a bargain price. I purchased this directly from the Heath factory Overstock room to use in my kitchen but I changed my plans and can no longer use it. Will sell it to you for the same discount price I paid, $460 (65% off retail). To give you a sense of how much area they'll cover, the 90 pieces of tile would have covered a 13 sq ft backsplash (approx.) with a few tiles to spare.

This tile is part of Heath's Dimensional line. It's Matte Chalk White. Style is called Crease Out. It's 2nd Quality so there are some minor imperfections but the white color hides them really well.

I'm selling this as a complete batch only (no partial sales). Thanks!