Macrofibers for concrete - $16

Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos


High performance synthetic monofilament fiber which creates a 3d mesh in the concrete, acting as a crack containment agent and secondary reinforcement, providing long term durability and concrete toughness


Industrial floors, slabs on ground, precast concrete, parking lots, driveways, shotcrete, elevated decks, paving, sidewalks


Minimizes plastic shrinkage cracking

Long-term crack control

High durability

Increases flexural strength

Provides fatigue resistance

Increases concrete toughness

Reduced transportation costs


Material: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Fiber type: monofilament

Length: 1.8’’

Diameter: 0.5mm


Add slowly to concrete mix before cement addition, mix for 5-10 minutes to ensure uniform distribution of the fibers


Between 2 to 10 lbs per square yard according to the requirements and type of project