Bamboo Hardwood Flooring1.05 sq/ft - $1.19


380 sq ft of pre-finished horizontal carbonized bamboo hardwood flooring left over from new construction. Product is new, inbox, and sealed. I have 10 boxes containing 38 square feet in each box. Originally paid $1.79 sq/ft but I am asking only $1.19 a sq/ft. If you would like all 10 boxes I am willing to part for $400 (firm) $1.05 sq/ft. Planks are 3/8" thick x 3-15/16" wide x 38-1/2" long. These can be nailed, stapled, or glued down and are very easy to piece together. I also have a lot of odds and end pieces left over that I will throw in for free if you'd like. They are great for end pieces, in closets, etc.
*This is true quality hardwood flooring not a laminate product*

Delivery available within a 60 mile radius of 60942 zip code (Hoopeston, IL) for $50 flat rate. Call or text 217-666-7407.

Carbonized Bamboo: Steamed bamboo, caramelizing the sugar within, to change its color.

About Bamboo:
Bamboo floors' popularity has increased over the past few years as people have become more aware of the fragile state of the environment.
Because it is a grass rather than a wood, it grows far more quickly than a tree. The plant's extensive root system continually grows underground and it replenishes itself naturally, as grass does.
New growth, which springs out of the ground and can mature up to 24" in 24 hours and unlike trees, bamboo will regenerate quickly, making it a renewable resource.