InterfaceTacTiles Adhesive500 Per Roll - $120 obo


$120 per box. This is half the price of what they sell for!! I have several rolls and would like to get rid of them ASAP.

This is a roll of 500 3x3 interface tactiles, environmentally safe alternative to glue. Used in home and commercial flooring.

TacTiles are small, clear plastic adhesive squares, which you place underneath carpet tiles to fix them firmly to each other. This patented system creates a 'floating' floor layer -- so the flooring is fastened tight, but not stuck permanently in place.

TacTiles are quick to install because there is no waiting time and unlike glue, TacTiles need no time to set. So as soon as the final carpet tile is laid, your floor is ready to use. And when the time comes to replace or move the carpet, TacTiles facilitate easier uplift and recycling. There's no sticky mess on the backing and no need for costly clean-up of the sub floor. TacTiles also support selective replacement of carpet tiles, enabling easy removal of any section of the floor.
$120.00 or best offer