VentWood Panels 1' by 8' - $20 obo


I am closing my store and have walls lined with ventwood (Fir). The panels are one foot by eight feet and are interlocking. I have wood shelf brackets to go with them. The have been painted but could be either re-painted or stripped and used natural or stained. To buy all these would be into five figures I'm guessing. Shipping would be expensive as well. I have at least 90 of these.

Easy removal, just philips screws into furring strips.

They really should be re-purposed somewhere ! Great opportunity for the right store or home. Can be used as fencing material when post and rails are in place !

Starting at $20/per panel. I will sell them in packs of 10 panels for $200, 50 panels for $800 or all for $1500.

I would like to sell all but will consider partial orders.

In the pictures you see one panel on the floor and panels mounted in the other.
$20.00 or best offer