UPbook.com is an innovative software and phone system platform that helps medical practices turn their reception desk into an efficient revenue source, announces a new partnership with Far Out Solutions, a global IT and Managed Services Provider.

UPbook is a Front Desk Management Software for medical practices, that revolutionizes the way your team schedules appointments. UPbook’s ultimate goal is to create a five-star front desk by giving your team the tools they need to turn more conversations into appointments and wowing your patients with your level of service.

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How do you strategically plan in times of uncertainty, and we are in a new era, and we haven't stabilized yet. And so if you create a five year plan based on today's results, there's a very high likelihood that that's going to be way off. So what to do, because we know if you don't have a strategic plan, then you're just running your business blind, and nobody has any accountability. So how do you set your plans and incentive structures in such times of uncertainty, and the key is that in these unusual, hard to predict time periods, where you want to do is really reduce the timeframe. So for example, if you were incentivizing your team, based on targets that were on a monthly basis, instead, bring this down to a bi weekly basis. Or if you had a quarterly target, bring those down to monthly targets, and then reassess briefly at the end of that monthly target. If you do not do this, your planning is going to be out of date before you even start to pursue it. And if you do do this, everyone is going to get the incentive much more quickly. So they're going to be much more motivated to act and to do the behavior. That was the goal of setting up this plan in the first place. And secondly, you're actually going to have a much higher degree of accuracy in setting those different targets. Because at the end of the month, you might be in an entirely different world than you were in the beginning of the month. So in times of great uncertainty or crisis, really shorten the time frame when you're setting targets and strategically planning, and also include your reward period in a shorter duration than in a normal, stable, stable situation. So your action point in homework is to assess what sort of timelines do you have on targets? And how can you slice them up into smaller periods, and then actually reduce the incentive structures within your team members. So they get the benefit faster, and they can react more quickly and you as an organization become much more agile by showing your time period. As this begins to stabilize, then you can return to that cycle of five year, three year, one year, quarterly, monthly, and then divide that into a weekly meeting and a daily huddle. They'll share in other sessions. Cool. Awesome, guys, thanks so much here for you.

UPbook concierge remote front desk is your front desk solution. Our concierge remote front desk team is specially trained to use your remote-based or cloud-based software to book appointments, capture overflow calls, conduct reactivation calls, fulfill records requests, and even help to maximize your schedule. As a pay-per-use service, our friendly US-based receptionist will engage and interact with your leads and customers 24 seven, with no minimums and no monthly fees. The details of those interactions will be captured and share with you via text and or email. Setting up your account is simple. We'll collect details from you to understand the most common reasons why people call or chat with your business. Then we'll have a quick meet and greet to gather information about your client management system. Whether it's managing new leads, current customers, or daily administrative tasks, we can handle it from simple message taking and routing, emergency forwarding, or after our support, our team has you covered. The EPO concierge team book appointments for newer existing clients, send quotes, emails, or appointment reminders, provide texting and live chat support, request records or refill requests, complete data entry tasks, whether it's updating spreadsheets or your database, and they can conduct outbound calls. Haven't seen someone in a while. Let us help you contact your past or lapsed clients to get them back. With a UPbook concierge, it's entirely up to you how you decide to utilize the team. With 100% customer satisfaction, our quality control, we're held to a high standard of professionalism, which means that you can be confident with your choice to sign up for the above concierge service. So how can we make your day great.

UPbook Product Details
Free State of The Art Phone: Get Free State of the Art Phone (Yealink SIP-T53). A great VOIP system to manage your practice efficiently.

Call Tracking: Track the rate of calls that are being booked or not booked by your front desk team.

Call Routing: Off-load the front desk of non-critical calls so they can focus on what matters: in-person clients and inbound appointment requests for new and existing clients.

Paperless Fax: Send long-distance paperless faxes to your clients anywhere, without any additional charges.

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls: Ditch your old phone vendor and save up to $2000 on your phone bills with UPbook’s Phone System.

Unlimited Voice Mailboxes: Receive the recordings via email and shorten your response cycle without having to “dial-in” to listen to your voicemail.

Call Blocking: Use a No-Ring list that your team can add to on-the-fly. This will not block the call entirely but just sends it to voicemail so your team can review it when they are not busy with clients.

Paging & Intercom: Use the Paging & Intercom functionality to either page all or page specific phones and make announcements.

Smart Attendant: Provide a better user experience with customized messages for each client.

Know Who's Calling Before Answering: You would know who is calling before answering the phone, be it a new client that seeks an appointment or an existing client who wishes to reschedule it.

Track Appointment Scheduling Rate: The new client scheduling rate is one of the most important metrics in the practice. The rate at which you are scheduling appointments from your inbound calls will directly impact how full your appointment book will be.

Missed Call Analysis: Know in real-time whenever calls are not answered or bookings not made. UPbook will identify these opportunities so your front desk can quickly follow up.

What is UPbook?
UPbook is a Front Desk Management Software for Practices, which revolutionizes the way you manage your appointments. It is an all-in-one front desk and receptionist software for veterinary practices that turn phone calls into appointments. UPbook’s ultimate goal is to transform your existing phone system into:

- A phone platform that grows the practice
- A phone platform that drives greater efficiencies UPbook helps to grow your business by doubling the call-scheduling rate and acquiring more clients for your practice. The platform is designed to help veterinary practices turn more calls into appointments and to alleviate unwanted stress from the front desk. With UPbook’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions, you can enhance the efficiency of your front desk. The leaderboard feature lets you track the performance of every individual on the front desk team separately - allowing you to take corrective actions (training or counseling) to adjust their performance. With UPbook's all-in-one phone system, you can cancel your expensive phone bills while growing your practice. Don't wait to experience 10x-30x ROI! UPbook comes with an executive dashboard where you can record, review and scorecard the calls. It also provides details about the performance of your practice by identifying the number of calls on the basis of hours, days and weeks. Furthermore, it helps you track the outcomes of the call.