"My brother likes to catch dragons. We used to have a lot of deep pools there. He started to touch them when he was very young. When he was a teenager, he often went down to the pool to catch dragons." Dongfang Mandao. What kind of people are these? They dig out the bird's nest and go to the deep pool to catch the wild dragon. How can I feel that it's as easy as catching sparrows and loaches? You were too abnormal when you were young. Li Tian had to be convinced. "Ow.." Not far away, a group of gamins of eight or nine years old roared in, pulling vines from one cliff to another, more vigorous than apes. It's great to have Peng meat to eat, oh, and Jiao meat! These children, like flying, climbed the rock and jumped the tree, and quickly came to their eyes. "" With a loud roar, the mountains shook, and a huge object passed across the sky, casting a large shadow on the ground. It was a terrible existence like a black dragon, but it had a pair of wings, covered with scales, each of which could cover a mountain. What a monster! It's horrible! Li Tian almost threw the jar of old wine in his hand on the ground. What a horrible breath! How many people can this creature rival in the world? Yan Yixi was also frightened. Even Ye Fan changed color, staring at the sky in a trance, although here as prehistoric, there are all kinds of alien ancient birds and monsters, but this head is too strong, let him have some hair. Don't worry, this is a guardian beast of my barbarian tribe. It was raised by the old patriarch of the previous generation. Although it is not a real black dragon, but it flows with the blood of the black dragon, and now it has lived for 3,900 years. It roars like a mountain, and the terror is boundless. Time is merciless, and the old patriarch has been sitting for two thousand years, but this strange beast is still alive and vigorous, and there is no sign of aging. This is really a real patron saint ah, is a living legend, damn, Yin Tiande that grandson dare to chase here, let the black dragon bite him! Li Tiandao. He began to feel around to see if there were any other strange beasts. This ancient tribe was so mysterious that it had such a terrible patron saint. If it was taken to the North Plain, it would sweep a large area. Dongfang laughed in a simple and honest way and said,Automated warehouse systems, "Are you looking for a guardian beast? There's another one there." He pointed to a pond in front of him, where there was a big black stone, which could be several feet long. At this time, there are several barbarian strong men to carry a big iron basin in the past, which put a lot of roasted meat, fragrant Qiu people. A basalt! Ye Fan surprised, this is a terrible Xuan turtle, born with a dragon head, carrying a black shell, smell the meat, head out slowly began to eat meat. Such a big turtle is really rare. Is it really a patron saint? A demon turtle that has grown for thousands of years is also so big. It doesn't look like it. Li Tian is suspicious, then whisper: "This thing, grow so big, the whole body is essence, eat go down to be able to fill very much?" Dongfang Man said in a low voice, "Don't talk nonsense. This turtle came to our tribe more than two thousand years ago like this. After being discovered by the old patriarch at that time, he ordered us to live well and not neglect it." "Why do you do this to it?" Even Ye Fan is interested. An old barbarian said, warehouse storage racks ,metal racking systems, "The old patriarch at that time said that it looked like the turtle in the legend. It was raised by a patriarch a long time ago." "No, is it so evil?!" Yan Yixi was also moved. Not sure, the old patriarch said that it might be the descendants of the turtle, is the same race, anyway, do not hurt, good treatment left. Soon after, Ye Fan heard a roar of a tiger, and the whole mountain forest was full of leaves, and a white tiger like a mountain flashed away in the distance. It was another guardian beast of the barbarian tribe. It was raised by a senior who had passed away. It had learned the method of breathing in the ancient scriptures of barbarian martial arts. It had lived for three thousand and five hundred years. Unfathomable, this is Ye Fan's intuitive cognition, this barbarian ancient tribe is really mysterious, so overbearing, no wonder that the whole Nanling Mountains in ancient times are their world. In the next few days, Ye Fan was consulting with the barbarians. After all, it was too much to attack an ancient family. There would be a mountain of corpses at every turn, and I didn't know how many people would die. Eucharist, you die on your knees! On this day, in Phoenix City, one of the ten ancient cities in Nanling Mountains, someone appeared and called out like this, which spread all over the southern region.
"Is someone coming at last?" Ye Fan once said, sitting in Nanling, quietly waiting for the world's enemies to kill, together with the next, many days later, someone finally killed. You're almost in Kitahara. Are you still going to fight at this moment? Yan Yixi asked. I just want to let the eyes of all the people in the world focus on Nanling, let all the enemies come to Nanling layout, send out the master to deal with me, and ignore the rest. Ye Fandao. About to enter the North Plain, he wanted to lead all the enemy's energy to Nanling, and then he and the barbarian army into the North Plain, with a thunderbolt. Contain all the evil enemies, let them in Nanling Chen Bing, pounce on the air, and we come out to attack the Wang family. Yan Yixi nodded. Eucharist, kneel down and die! This is arrogant and ignorant to the extreme clamor, like losing his mind, in today's world, the king of Dacheng is not out, no one can so humiliate Ye Fan. Who dares to scold like this, Li Tian this evil spirit male all rare gloomy rose, the speech said wants to help Ye Fan to pull down this person's head to become the chamber pot. Nanling, a noisy, the world will focus on the Phoenix City, want to know who dares to be so crazy. As expected, it was Wang Chengtian, a terrible man who was not very old, but had been standing on the ninth step of the second floor of Sendai for many years. It was he who made people clamor, wishing to force Ye Fan to appear immediately, so that he could seize the soul and humiliate it to death with the most cruel method. The head of the clan was beheaded, and the shame was indescribable. The loss of face in front of all the people in the world was more serious than the slap in the face of all the people in the royal family. Since ancient times, apart from the dark turmoil and the destruction of religion, no saint has ever been slapped in the face and thrown to death on the ground. Eucharist, kneel down and die! Finally,teardrop pallet racking, Wang Chengtian personally shouted out this sentence, he is to humiliate Ye Fan in the largest and prosperous Phoenix City, forcing him to show up.