In the eyes of the people outside, Itachi and I were only silent for a blink of an eye, and then separated breathlessly at the same time. Itachi and I both dodged by mistake. A figure came from a distance and rushed into the seat that Itachi had just dodged. The fluctuation of space there has not stopped, and the remaining spiritual imprint has been stirred up by the people and become active again. The people only come and shout: "Ah!" He fell to the ground. Itachi looked at me, and I shrugged helplessly: "It seems that Akai has come just right. The remaining chakra of our illusion has not yet melted, and has been absorbed by him, preventing the continued expansion of space fluctuations, but allowing him to fall into the illusion world of both of us at the same time." Itachi looked down and saw that it was indeed Ah Kai, who had probably come to help. I reached out and lifted Ah Kai, opened his eyelids and looked up, the corners of his mouth trembling. This guy, when to help is not good, at this time, I and Itachi's remaining illusion Chakra will, in the spiritual sea of Akai directly opened up a space, let Akai himself into his own spiritual world! It's just that I don't know if he's going to the moon or hell or heaven? "Hitomi, is Kai all right?" Kakashi asked from a distance. I shook my head. "I don't know!"! Usually I and Itachi two people's illusion, who hit one may have a nervous breakdown, now Ah Kai seems to hit at the same time, will not die, but if you want to wake up, it is estimated that the trouble is big! Kakashi speechless, and a faint, Konoha soon no one! "No, Itachi!" The ghost gave a loud cry. The weasel also looked up, and there was an old man with white hair crouching on the treetop beside the pond, staring at the ghost and the weasel with his eyes full of light. Zilai also arrived, ah, and so soon was found by the ghost, it seems that also began to fear. Itachi tilted his head. "Scattered.." The ghost is waiting for this sentence, carrying a broadsword into the bottom of the water, the weasel is also full of smoke, let me some uncomfortable is that they give Kakashi three people's water dungeon has not been lifted. I don't know how to escape with water, and I spend a lot of chakra on magic with Itachi,MBR reactor, because I don't want to use fire escape to help them remove it. Without saying a word, Zilai jumped down, touched the boundary lightly with his fingers, and the water balloon immediately dispersed. Chapter 133 pull people into the gang "I seem to be late, Hitomi." Zilai also looked at the ripples left on the surface of the water when the ghost escaped. With a shrug, I handed Akai to Kakashi and said, "Let's go back to the village first. Akai is going to be hospitalized. I think this level of illusion should be able to be removed. However, I said Kakashi, maybe you can try to help Akai remove it yourself. Your illusion is not bad either." "Me?" Kakashi opened his eyes wide and said innocently, "No, I can't." I thought I had ignored Kakashi. Since he didn't want to do it himself, I had to do it myself. In the intensive care unit of Konoha Hospital, the third generation was lying quietly in bed. Zilai and I looked at the third generation helplessly. I said, "The old man can't wake up for a while. Moreover, although his life is hanging, if he wants to recover completely, she has to do it, lamella clarifer ,rapid sand filters, right?" Zilai also touched his chin, yawned and said, "She doesn't know where to gamble again. Hey, she owes a lot of debts, and she doesn't know how to restrain herself." I smiled: "Oh, owe a lot of debt?"? Someone to help her deal with the aftermath, of course, don't worry! Come naturally also complexion one stiff: "Er, ha ha ha, you, do you know?" I raised my hand and patted Zilai. "Do you think she doesn't know?"? San Ren, is there something she can't find? Besides, she has been outside for decades, and if her little network hasn't developed yet, it's too unreasonable! You don't think so little of her, do you? Zilai smiled disguisedly. "Sometimes Tsunade is a little slower than me!" "Cut ~ ~ ~!" I gave him a dirty look. Zilai also laughed at himself, but turned to a straight face and said, "We have to find a way to find her." "I know, obviously, if you want to find three forbearance, you have to be the same as three forbearance to have the ability, don't you think?" I glanced at him. I Zilai also pointed to himself.
Nonsense, if not you, who else can? Do you think everyone is as free as you? I stared at him. So, aren't you all right? Zilai also asked reluctantly. I sighed: "Please, I have to really build up their forces, this period of time will be very busy, and to let them run in to a certain extent, need to adjust closely.". Not to mention pulling Kakashi and Akai over, some other details need to be considered. Tell me about yourself. What else do you do every day besides peeping in the women's bathroom? Zilai grinned unkindly and said, "I still want to write a novel. Many readers are looking forward to Intimate Paradise!"! Hey, hey! I took a flying kick and dodged it smartly. I flicked the dust on my shoes and said, "You're the only one. No matter how embarrassed you are to see her, you have to go and find her back, preferably within a month.". Konoha's situation is very bad now, you know, the fifth generation of Hokage needs to take office quickly! Zilai also walked to the door: "I can go, but Naruto will come back soon, I have to wait for him to come back, I take him with me!" Smiled: "You do not say I will do so!" " He nodded: "This is easy to do, it seems that on the way, we have to train him well, and when Tsunade comes back, a group of patients in Konoha will get up to work!" I nodded to the nurse next to me, who was caring for three generations, and then left the intensive care unit. The two teams outside the door were hidden separately, and the measures to protect three generations would not be relaxed now. But on the second floor, there are not many people in Akai's ward. Kakashi is reading a novel against the door. Well, the title of the book is "Making Out in Paradise". "Well, isn't Ah Kai awake yet?" I asked. Kakashi looked up and said, "Not yet, but he looks normal. The people in the medical class say he's healthier than me!"! However, the mental blow is too great, it takes some time to recover, almost at least a week of self-cultivation time. Thanks to you,fine bubble diffuser, he was able to remove the illusion. I went into the room and sat down. "Kakashi, I want to discuss something with you," I said. 。