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Writing a report
What is a report?
A report is a text that describes an event or an action (e.g. a traffic accident) in a factual and objective way. The opinion of the author does not appear in it. The aim is to inform the reader accurately about a subject. Therefore, unimportant information is omitted. There are different types of reports - perhaps you have encountered one of the following yourself: Accident report, police report, travel report, internship report, or newspaper report.

Note that the report consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The questions
What information is important for writing a report? These questions should never be missing from your report!

Who? (Who was present/involved?)
What? (What happened?)
When? (Date and time of the event)
Where? (Place where the event happened)
How? (How did the event occur? What was the course of events?)
Why? (For what reasons did it happen? What were the causes?)
What were the consequences? (What are the consequences of the event?)

The right order
The important thing in a report is the order. Put the questions in your report as follows:
In the introduction belong the answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Where. On Wednesday afternoon, January 11, 2015, at about 5:00 p.m., a serious traffic accident occurred in Erlich in Heidelberg between a 26-year-old motorcyclist and an 18-year-old female driver.

In the main part, write the answers to the questions: What? How? Why? According to initial reports, the young woman overlooked the motorcyclist and failed to yield the right of way. This resulted in the collision. Eyewitnesses informed the police and the emergency services.

In the conclusion, you address the following question: What were the consequences? Both drivers were taken to the local hospital with serious injuries. Their condition remains critical. Property damage totals approximately $15,000.

The language of the report
The language of the report is always factual and clear. The point of a report is not (as it is, for example, with a narrative) to create suspense. Remember that a report informs the reader about an event or an action in a factual way.


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