Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD


Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD: Transforming Mobile Banking in the UAE

Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD is revolutionizing the banking experience in the UAE with its innovative digital services. One of the standout offerings is the Liv online credit card, which provides a seamless and convenient banking experience. Here’s why Liv’s online credit card is a top choice for mobile banking in the UAE:

Effortless Online Application
Apply for a credit card in the UAE online in just minutes using your smartphone or computer.
No need for paperwork or branch visits—simply provide your ID and basic personal information.

Rapid Approval and Instant Access
Enjoy a swift and efficient approval process.
Upon approval, instantly access your UAE credit card details in the Liv mobile app, allowing immediate use for online transactions.

User-Friendly Mobile App
Experience a seamless banking experience with the intuitive Liv mobile app.
Manage your credit card, track spending, view transaction history, and receive real-time notifications—all from your smartphone.

Enhanced Security
Benefit from advanced security features such as biometric login and transaction alerts.
Rest assured that your financial information is always protected, giving you peace of mind.

Attractive Cashback and Rewards
Enjoy attractive cashback from credit card purchases.
Take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers at partnered retailers, ensuring you get the most value out of every transaction.

Exceptional Customer Support
Rely on Liv’s 24/7 support team for any questions or issues.
Whether you need help with your account or have inquiries about your rewards, Liv’s dedicated support team is always ready to assist.


Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD is setting new standards in mobile banking in the UAE with its online credit card. By offering a seamless application process, rapid approval, a user-friendly app, robust security, and valuable cashback and rewards, Liv provides a comprehensive and modern banking solution. For a hassle-free and efficient way to manage your finances, choose Liv Digital Bank’s online credit card. Experience the future of banking in the UAE with Liv today.

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