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CEO / Co-Founder

Matt’s professional life began when he moved from Tucson, AZ to Hollywood, CA with his rock band, “Dr. Strange” in 1988. He attended Musician’s Institute and played and headlined major clubs on the “Sunset Strip” as lead singer/songwriter until 1993. From there he returned to the ice and played Semi-Pro ice hockey for the LA Rockets.

In 2000, Matt became an insurance broker for Mass Mutual and was among the company’s most elite to win both the Freshman AND Sophomore Broker of the Year. Additionally, he won the nationally acclaimed “Fast Starter Award” in 2001, then qualified and attended the National Leaders Conference in 2001 and 2002.

By 2004, Matt’s experience, talent, and entrepreneurial drive made way for opening his own business as an independent broker. 3 years later, the majority of Matt’s clients were contractors and, because of Matt’s hands-on business style, he often asked his clients this question: “If you could have anything you wanted for free…what would that be?” Their answers included: ways to sell left over materials, access to more jobs, increased exposure to promote their businesses, etc…so, Matt teamed up with his brother Johnnie Munger to create DiggersList.com.

Matt and Johnnie began putting together the concept for DiggersList.com in July 2007. They launched the first site (DiggersList.com 1.0) on January 1, 2008, then after talking with contractors, attending builder’s shows, listening and taking feedback from DiggersList users and property owners, the ultimate vision was achieved: DiggersList 2.0!

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