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IEEE citation and formatting guide for google docs: student guide


Google docs is a vital software by using it you can make any document in word format. It is very easy and simple to use as it is made similar to the MS Word pattern. The only difference is you do not need to install any additional software to use Google docs. You only need to make a Gmail use ID after that you can access your files anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, it is free of cost so you can enjoy this paper writing service without paying anything.


The most important feature of this online document is it can point out minor and some major grammar mistakes. It will underline that word and you can use a new suggestion, a better word, or you may need to change the whole sentence. In the same way, different citation styles followed by in-text citation and references can also be used. The use of such sources creates authenticity in your document and gives it legitimacy on academic grounds.


Academics have devised many citation styles and IEEE citation is just one method. The use of such citation style depends on academic discipline or university. This citation is mainly used in computer science, informational technology, telecommunication, and many disciplines of engineering. Just like any other citation the references include the author's full name, the title of the article, conference, patent, and title of the book. However, some information needs to be mentioned in normal font while others in italic.


If you want to add such references then you need to study a subject named research methodology. After that, you would be able to use all types of citations but you have to study them thoroughly. Any mistake in reference could jeopardize your grades or worse your research altogether. Due to its complex nature, students prefer to get essay help from an academic write my essay for me service working online. Such writers have years of writing experience and know what they are doing.


It is an effective way to secure good grades and if you intend to hire an essay writer then make sure to give him all instructions. It is one way to prepare your document eloquently like you can ask him to use IEEE citation in your paper. I am writing down a sample under this citation. This is what a professional writer can prepare for you so that you and only you can secure good essayhours.


Examples of in-text citations

"...King Edward was a merciful leader [13]."

"This theory was first put forward in 1921 [1]."

"Scholtz [2] has argued that..."

"Several recent studies [3], [4], [15], [16] have suggested that...."

"For example, see [7]."


You can observe the style or method of an essay writing service citations however when it comes to references then you need to add complete information after you source and mentioned above. The references for the different academic document should look like this:


Reference for book

  •         W.K. Chen. Linear Networks and Systems. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1993, pp. 135-190.

o   You can observe that the above reference contains the author's name, book title, where and when it was published with page numbers. The format would different while the total information would remain the same just make sure to follow proper guidelines of best dissertation writing service.


Reference of a book chapter

  •         J.E. Bourne. “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics,” in Plastics, 2nd ed., vol. 3. J. Peters, Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 67-90.       


Reference for a journal article

  •         G. Pevere. “Infrared Nation.” The International Journal of Infrared Design, vol. 33, pp. 56-99, Jan. 1979.


Reference for online book


Reference for World Wide Web

  •         M. Duncan. “Engineering Concepts on Ice. Internet:, Oct. 25, 2000 [Nov. 29, 2020].


You can observe that information in each Thesis writing service remains the same except sequence. 


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