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IVG Impregnating Sealer
Available 1 Gallon $219.95
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IVG Impregnating Sealer - A next generation, nano-technology, impregnating sealer for porous mineral surfaces.
IVG Impregnating Sealer is a niche, high end sealer that transforms porous substrates into ultra hydro phobic and oleo phobic super surfaces. After treatment, surfaces such as concrete, brick and stone have the ability to repel water, oil based contaminants and other stains. IVG Impregnating Sealer gives the surface non-stick properties, inhibiting the chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants, chewing gum and other sticky materials.
Protects: Stone • Travertine • Concrete • Masonry • Marble • Limestone • Granite • Brick • Pavers • Grout • and more…

Long term protection against foreign contaminants
Inhibits organic and bacterial infestation into porous substrates
Longevity of over 15 years residential and 8 years commercial.
No change of optical appearance or surface friction
Protection of entire surface from premature deterioration
Substantial reduction of cleaning time, costs and maintenance frequency
Reduction of cleaning chemicals
Environmentally friendly

Coverage approximately 200 sq ft per gal
Professional Quality: 1 and Done! - 1 coat application. No residue to remove.
IVG Impregnating Sealer Data Sheet
IVG Impregnating General Information
Environmentally friendly, water based, ZERO VOCs.
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