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PROtec Traction® High Gloss Protective
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PROtecTractionTM is a High Gloss Protective Micro-Guard and Slip Resistant Coating for Terrazzo, Polished Concrete and Polished Natural Stone.
PROtecTraction is a slip resistant and stain resistant hybrid micro-polymer sealer, designed to enhance polished natural surfaces. Protects
PROtecTractionâ„¢ is a slip resistant and stain resistant hybrid micro-polymer sealer designed to enhance and create a surface that is:

High Gloss on polished surfaces.
Scratch Resistant • Scuff Resistant
Stain Resistant
Water Resistant
PROtecTractionâ„¢ offers versatility and ease of application
Easy To Apply
Rapid Hardness
Excellent flow and leveling properties.
Low VOC (less than 10g/ltr)
High Wet Coefficient of Friction. (Exceeds ASTM D-2047 and ANSI 137.1 DCOF Acutest)

Coverage approximately 1500 sq ft per gal
PROtec Traction Require 2 coat
Professional Quality: 1 and Done! - 1 coat application. No residue to remove.
PROtec Traction High Gloss Protective - Data Sheet
Environmentally friendly, water based, ZERO VOCs.
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