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Please email us to verify you are a professional contractor. We will send you a wholesale price list of our cabinets when this is completed.

While we cannot post out wholesale price list online we can give you an example of our pricing:

Single Shaker Espresso Line

Panel 24" x 96" x 3/4" (Finished edge veneer on all four edges) : Wholesale Price $37 per unit
Panel 35" x 96" x 3/4" (Finished edge veneer on all four edges): Wholesale Price $65 per unit
Crown Molding 3" x 96": Wholesale Price $34 per unit
Base Cabinet 9 inch wide: Wholesale Price$70 per unit
Wall Cabinet 9x30: Wholesale Price $45 per unit

If you are paying more than contact us today to set up your account and start working with Panda Kitchen!

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