Hotel Inventory pillows,towels,bath linensMore - $1


Orlando Bargain Warehouse just opened up in Orlando!!
We Buy |Sell | & Trade Used and New
Merchandise, Clothing, Furniture, Appliances and More!

We are selling our existing inventory to make room for NEW merchandise just in time for your holiday shopping :)

We have a WIDE assortment of Hotel linens and more (merchandise comes from local 5 star resorts/hotels). USED MERCHANDISE BUT IN GOOD CONDITION!!

Hotel Bed Pillows
Hotel Bath Linens (shower towels, hand towels, wash cloths, shower mats, utitilty/housekeeping towels)
Hotel Curtains
Decorative throw pillows
Shower Heads
Mattress Covers
WIDE assortment of Linen Dinner Napkins in many colors!
WIDE assortment of linen table cloths various sizes (white color only)
and other items for sale...

Most everything is USED or in "LIKE NEW" CONDITION!!

Prices START at $2.00 & Up sold individually
We sell by DOZEN, 24 Packs, & in BULK--ask about bulk pricing.

Visit our warehouse at 6150 Suite B Old Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Florida
Open Mon-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 8am-5pm
Sunday Closed

Call 407-285-5300 if you need directions
$1.00 each