Concrete Bricks - $2.50



Liteblokâ„¢ is a Green building product providing many LEED credit opportunities to industry professionals. Long lasting, affordable, energy efficient homes are built with non-toxic materials that generate minimal job site waste. Potentially toxic substances such as polystyrene and fly ash are absent from our building materials. Liteblokâ„¢ can be found in residential and commercial construction. Applications include interior and exterior walls, fire walls, fences, sheds, and retaining walls.

Cost effective: speed and ease of construction mean significant cost savings
Insulating: air pockets provide great sound and thermal insulation
Lightweight: reduces foundation requirements and freight
Long lasting, sustainable, non-toxic "green" product
Simple to use: stack without mortar, are self-aligning, take regular nails, and can be cut with a hand saw. Also, vertical holes in blocks allow for electrical wiring and plumbing.
Strong: resistant to high winds and seismic activity
Vermin, mold, and termite resistant
Versatile: double walls, ledges, and molded-in-place fixtures are easy

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