High End Recycling Bins For Upscale Settings - $449


High End Recycling Bins For Upscale Settings: 5 Star Hotels, Executive Offices, VIP Meeting Rooms, Country Clubs And Homes.

The Metro Collection is a line of very elegant high-end recycling containers and is available in single, two or three stream units.

This elegant tapered-body container is finished in beautiful hammered copper coating or stainless steel, with easy-to-remove lids. The lid kit includes three easily interchangeable tops to customize the bin for different recyclable materials.

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- Metro Collectionâ„¢ Single Stream Tapered Receptacle - Unit Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 31" / 18 gallon Capacity.
- Metro Collectionâ„¢ Two Stream Tapered Receptacle - Two rigid 18 gallon capacity liners for each waste stream.
- Metro Collection Three Stream Tapered Receptacle - Unit Dimensions: 42″ x 14″ x 31″52 Gallon (In Total).

Also available - Metro Companion XL 34 Gallon Series:

- Metro Companion Combination Trash/Recycling Receptacle.
- Metro Companion Recycle Only Unit.
- Metro Companion Trash Only Unit.

The Metro Companion XL 34-gallon capacity (Unit Dimensions: 18.5" x 35.5"), is a recycling container that is as visually beautiful as it is functional and will complement any decor, traditional or modern.

* Constructed of fire-safe steel.
* Four heavy-duty feet keep the units slightly elevated to allow air circulation and help restrict mold and mildew growth.
* The liner base resin meets UL94 Flammability Standard.
* ADA compliant.
* Made in the USA.

This line of recycling receptacles are designed by Ex-Cell Kaiser - A company committed to the development of high quality innovative recycling products.

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