TileWare Promessa Bathroom and Shower Hooks - $1


TileWare Promessa Bathroom and Shower Hooks

Available colors Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome and Oil Rub Bronze

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Cone Hook Start at $26.46
DUO Cone Hook Start at $47.14
Tee Hook Start at $26.46
DUO Tee Hook Start at $47.14
Thumb Hook Start at $26.46
DUO Thumb Hook Start at $47.14

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Solid brass Hooks

Transitional and Traditional

Dimensions 3/4" diameter/width x 1 1/8" depth

Representing the first mortar based combination safety rail ever developed. Stylized with a radius grab, this combination utility offers more flexibility and comfort. Exclusively produced by TileWare for tile professionals.

Installation Kit Include:

Finished components include base washer, sleeve body and end cap

Includes (1) ready to install, stainless steel, PermaTileâ„¢ Fastener with protective thumb screw for tile thicknesses 5/32" to 1/2" protective

Includes (1) 8-32, stainless steel, phillips-head screw

(for DUO only) Stabilizing bracket

Solid brass, brazed construction

FlooringSupplyShop.com is pleased to introduce an installation system designed and engineered specifically for tile mechanics from Tileware.
Traditional hardware installation requires drilling, compromising tile installations. Now, with the PermaTileâ„¢ System, tile mechanics have a clear advantage: a simple installation system that adds value to the tile professional

• Will not violate waterproofing, plumbing or wiring no more drilling
• Mortar-based fastening system
• Non-corrosive stainless steel fastener
• Over 10X the strength of standard fastener
• Tested by TCNA (Tile Council of North America)
• Designed specifically for tile applications by tile installers
• Will work with all standard tile products and thicknesses

• Designed specifically for tile professionals
• Encourages quick turnaround where shelving is required
• Eliminates failures resulting from drilling into completed tile work - such as puncturing waterproofing, tile breakage, plumbing and wiring intrusions
• Eliminates the need for wood blocking behind the wall
• Installation can occur within the body of a tile or a grout joint
• Basket mounting can occur immediately after grouting - no special trips
• Learn how to install in minutes
• No special tools required

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