Wool-filled comforter - $119


Wool-filled comforter

This Hand-tied wool-filled muslin comforter can be used with a duvet or alone. Our comforters are made with fluffy, wool batts, covered in natural unbleached muslin, and hand-stitched in a long basting stitch, just enough to hold the wool in place.

Choose Your Size:

- Crib Size, 36" x 54",1 lb wool.
- Lap Size, 45" x 72", 1.5 lb.
- Twin Size, 72" x 90", 48 oz. Wool.
- Queen Size, 90" x 90", 3.6 lbs wool.
- King Size, 108" x 90", 4.5 lbs wool.

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Benefits of a our wool comforter:

- Traditional hand-tying each comforter prevents shifting and cold spots.
- Naturally hypo-allergenic. People with skin sensitivity, like fibromyalgia, can enjoy the benefits of a wool comforter.
- Wickes away the moisture from your body and does not leave an environment that dust mites thrive on.

Benefits Of Wool Bedding

Recent research demonstrates that people sleep better if their bedding products are made from wool. Studies have shown that:

Sleeping under a wool comforter results in calmer heart rates, lower humidity next to the skin, and better maintenance of optimal skin temperature for sleep.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, a vital stage of sleep, is increased, resulting in better sleep. This phase is the must beneficial phase of sleep where the sleeper is totally relaxed and most dreaming takes place.

As compared to other synthetics, wool has superior breath-ability and resilience. Wool's crimp helps the fiber maintain its natural loft.

Wool acts as a natural insulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool naturally regulates your temperature. Tiny air pockets in the wool become your body temperature and breathe for you allowing you the perfect sleep

Since wool regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture you won't wake up overheated and clammy.

Over 20 million people are seriously affected by dust mite allergies! In fact, a traditional box spring mattress can be the home to as many as 10 million dust mites. Wool bedding on the other hand, naturally repels dust mites and wicks moisture for a more restful sleep.

Wool is a renewable resource. The sheep that grows our wool is still happily grazing in a pasture.

Made in the USA at the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill - Crafting high quality, hand-tied, wool-filled comforters for over 117 years.

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