Reclaimed Pub Oak with Original Face, CT, LI, MA, PA, RI, VT, ME, DE, VA, FL, CA, TX, AZ, NV, WA - $0


Price: $11.50 /SF

Species: White Oak, Red Oak some mixed Ash or Maple

Thickness: ¾” Width: 3” – 10” Length: 3’ – 12’ and longer

Surface Texture: Rough Saw Marks, Some weathering and Checking

Color: Light to Brown Tans to Dark Brown and Black

Hardness: Very Hard and Durable

Uses: Great Look for Flooring, Wall Ceiling (Made from Outer Skins of Beams)

Descriptions: This material comes from surfaces of Barn Beams floor planks and dividing walls.

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks from date of order. Call to check stock.

Origin of Material: This material comes from Barns and Structures from NY and PA.

Installation: This flooring has a standard T/G, so flooring nails or staples can be used. Glue down and nails are good methods to install over wood. Good quality glue can be used to install over concrete. Can install over radiant heat but, allow more time for floor to acclimate

Finishing Preparation: After installation, this floor will not be sanded; just fill nail/knot holes with filler fill check. If desired, lightly sand just areas that were filled. Quality wood filler like Mohawk Wood Putty should be used. Add Stain to areas that were filled to proper color.

Finish: Use a quality pre-stain sealer so even stain absorption is achieved. Using quality stains like Mohawk Whipping Stain. Install a sealer coat and apply 3 coats of quality Top Coat either Oil, Varnish, Water Born Clear Coat. If dry time is not a big issue, we recommend a quality Tung Oil Finish like a Water Lox Marine Grade Tung Oil, a traditional finish that has been used for over 100 years.

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