Black Willow 3/4 inch Lumber Pack - $0


10 sq. ft. Black Willow 3/4 inch thickness random width and length. All our boards are surface sanded two sides to 100 grit, edges are unfinished. You will receive boards that are between 18 inch and 48 inch in length and 3 inch to 8 inch in width. It is soft, but does not splinter when dented. It is uniform in texture, and weak in bending and crushing. It rates moderately high in shock resistance, low in nail holding ability, but does not split readily due to its interlocked grain. The sapwood of Black Willow is light tan, while the heartwood is pale reddish brown to grayish brown. Willow is a product of eastern United States, from the Atlantic coast west to Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.