2" x10" x 19' 9" Composite Lumber - $1


USPL's Structural Lumber is a high-performance construction material consisting of a patented formula of recycled plastic, fiberglass, and selected additives. The plastic raw material utilized is derived from post-consumer bottle waste such as milk and detergent bottles. This material is compounded into a consistent, reinforced plastic timber product using reactive compatilizers, creating a strong and stable plastic/fiber matrix.

Structual Lumber is a cost-effective and high-performance timber product for marine construction and commercial applications. It has exceptional resistance to marine borers, salt spray, termites, corrosvie substances, oil and fuels, fungi, and other environmental stresses. It does not absorb moisture; therefore, it will not rot splinter or crack.

Light Grey in color. I still have 260 pieces for sale. Still latched to custom made pallets. If you need specification information please send your email and I will forward.
$1.00 each