PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Niches - $40


PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Niches

The ready to tile niches are PreFormed and easy to install in the surrounding shower walls. These tile niches are versatile and are used for storage of toiletries in the shower as well as for display, anywhere in the bathroom, kitchen and home. The in-wall and one-piece construction of these niches makes installation easier and within minutes. It is a great time saving process to install tile niches efficiently and quickly on the vertical surfaces - what once took hour to build can now take minutes.

The Ready to Tile Niches are are resistant to water, alkali and acid and are made using high density material. They do not contain wood or cellulose making them waterproof and thus, they not rot, degrade or leak. In addition Ready to Tile Niches do not allow condensation in the wall cavity.

The Ready to Tile Niches are available in 2 rectangular shapes and are

Narrow Combo Recess 8 x 20
Wide Combo Recess 12 x 22

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