Custom American Cherry curved stair - $3,000


You are looking at a Custom American Cherry Curved Stair Case. When remodeling the house the company built me a gorgeous stair case that was a few inches too narrow. This one is 36" wide. They retail for for about $10,000. This is a steal for $3000. Now the stairs that are stained are my existing stairs (to give you an idea of what it looks like installed and complete). It is presently being stored in my shed and the pictures you see with the stairs on its side. You must be sure that these stair will work for you. It presently goes up 10', my ceiling heights are 9'. It can be cut, but this is definitely not a DIY project. The inside attaches to a curved wall and the outside is open. It has a graceful curve. Please look over the specs and make sure this will work with your project consult your contractor. The stairs did have a temporary railing attached to it so they do have a few holes but these are easily filled with wood filler. Do not use the Home Depot products. You must only use premium products. Only have a professional wood finisher work on these stairs as they will use premium products not available to the lay man. Only the stairs are for sale. You will still have to buy the railing. It has an inch of damage in the bottom but this can be cut for height, covered by carpet or it may be buried by a mud job.
Please ask me as many questions as possible.
Buyer will responsible for shipping arrangements.
Good Luck!