Linear Shower DrainQuARTz Plus by Aco - $175


Linear Shower Drain - QuARTz Plus by Aco

COMPLETE SET - Channel, Grate 2" Threaded Coupling, Leveling Feet, Key and Installation Instructions

Available Sizes: 35.56" (878mm) and 46.7" (1186mm)

Price from $175.00 and $225.00

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ABS Channel and Stainless Steel Grate

2 designs Square and Waves

Perfect for

Wheelchair access (ADA Compliant)

Barrier-free showers (walk in floor plans)

Bathroom remodels

Designed to be installed into any 2" threaded shower drain flange (same as ShowerPoint square drain)

The channel can then be solvent welded (glued) into the adaptor

Linear Shower Channel Drains Provide Improved Function and Good Looks


2" diameter central vertical outlet

V-shape Channel

Channel width: 2.75"

ABS is a metallic gray color

Grates are Passivated, not Electro-Polished (more of a mat finish)

Plastic support feet aid installation

Optional accessories: Debris strainer

QuARTz Plus Linear Shower Drain

In stock - Same day shipping

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