Xantrex ProWatt 3000 Power Inverter - $425


Box hasn't been opened.. THIS IS NOT THE CHEAPER VERSION - The XPower. it is the PROWATT - CHECK THE DIFFERENCE

The CHEAPEST I found this on ebay was $585 and as high as $630.00 on ebay and $895 on other sites. So I am selling it for $400!!!!!!

Xantrex PROwatt 3000

DC to AC Power Inverter

Provides 3000 Watts of Portable AC Power

The Prowatt 3000 (part#801-3000) is designed for high power and industrial applications. Its high surge output is ideal for heavy-duty loads or multiple smaller AC loads. It can often be used in place of a generator for large intermittent loads. Common applications include: washers, compact dryers, circular saws, air compressors, pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers.

Product Features

* 2500 watts continuous, 5000 watt surge capability
* Supports addition of external AC outlets
* Includes ON/OFF remote switch (part#801-9000)
* Built-in LED display for DC volts and amps
* Heavy duty terminals for trouble-free battery connection
* One year warranty

Protection Features

* Low voltage shutdown (10.0 VDC)
* Low voltage alarm (10.7 VDC)
* Over voltage protection (15.0 VDC)
* Overload shutdown
* Over temperature shutdown