Invisia Bathroom Shower Seats Brazilian walnut - $1


Invisia Bathroom Shower Seats Brazilian walnut

Sophisticated Bath Seating. The BathBenchâ„¢, SerenaSeatâ„¢ and Corner Seat feature aluminum accents which compliment hand selected panels of Brazilian walnut. These panels are naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay - and are 3 times stronger than teak (support up-to 500lbs/227kgs.). Aluminum frame available in powder coat, chrome or brushed finishes.

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Corner Seat Elegant Spa Seating This luxurious seat conveniently nestles into any corner to create a personalized oasis. Features hand selected Brazilian Walnut panels and a contemporary trim to blend seamlessly with adjacent bath accessories.

BathBench™ Beautifully simple seating, inspired by nature’s elegance. Features hand selected Brazilian walnut panels, sure to add charm to any bathing environment

SerenaSeatâ„¢. This exceptionally solid, spa-inspired shower seat folds up against wall when not in use. The removable back rest conceals the screws of the mounting brackets.

Seat Material / Finish - Brazilian Walnut / Oil finish (does not contain VOCs - Volitile Organic Compounds)
Frame Material - Aluminum 6061-T6
ADA Compliant ADAAG 4.26.3 which specifies structural strength of grab bars, tub and shower seats, fasteners and mounting devices.


Solid Construction and Mounting

500lbs / 227kg Weight Capacity

Comes pre-assembled and ready to use

Ideal for use in or out of the shower and or high-moisture area

Brazilian Walnut (IPE) Panels
Janka Hardness Scale (measures the hardness of wood) = 3684lbf (vs. Red Oak=1290lbf or Teak=1155lbf).
Fire rating of A1 - the highest possible, the same as concrete.
More dense than water (it sinks).

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