17" Cheetah Pads for Marble,Travertine,Terrazzo and Limestone Set of5Pads - $396 obo


Cheetah Pads for Marble,Granite and Limestone Set of (5) Pads
On Average the Polishing Pad can last up to 5000 sq ft. Step one will obviously wear faster due to its aggressive nature. Step 4 will last much longer. Flat leveled even smooth surfaces tend to give a much longer lifespan to the Polishing Pads up to 20,000sqft. Rough textured, uneven surfaces with lippage will wear the pads faster. CHEETAH PAD INDIVIDUALLY ORDERED STEPS COME IN SETS OF (5) FIVE.
Available in sizes 5, 8, 17 and 20". The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet!!!
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$396.00 or best offer