Hardwood Maintenance PasteWOCA Maintenance PasteNATURAL14 oz) - $1


Hardwood Maintenance Paste - WOCA Maintenance Paste - NATURAL (14 oz)

This maintenance Paste is for the re-freshening and maintenance of all oiled surfaces and is also especially suitable for UV-oiled floors.

After Master Oil, Master Color Oil or High Solid Master Oil has been applied, one or two top coats of Maintenance Oil Paste may be buffed into the wood floor. This oil gel comes in a Natural color and contains 70 % solids. Maintenance Oil Paste can also be used for periodic re-oiling of floors. Due to its consistency as a gel, Maintenance Paste will provide slightly more buildup and sheen.

Before a new floor is taken into use it is recommended to buff it with WOCA Maintenance Paste (both industrially oiled floors and on site oiled floors). The final buffing gives a hard-wearing surface and may take place either by hand or with machine.

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More about this product -
For best results always apply WOCA Maintenance Paste using a WOCA Oiling Cloth.
Coverage: Approx. 400ml per 60-80m² depending on the surface or for UV oiled floors approx 400ml per 80-120m²
Maintenance Paste is available in 400 ml tubes and is available in the colours natural and white.
Tools - Polishing machine for the application with machine and doodlebug for manual application. Cotton cloths. Clean tools in Solvent.

Please notice! Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that sanding dust and oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use.
Oiled floors should be maintened regularly – normally once a year, but more often when it comes to floors exposed to extremely hard wear

1. Clean the floor with 125 ml Wood Cleaner mixed into 5 l water. Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry.
2. Apply thin coat of Maintenance Paste onto 1-2 m² floor at the time with white polishing pad or cotton cloth. Use floor machine for distribution of Maintenance Paste for large areas.
3. Make sure that the Maintenance Paste is polished uniformly into the wood. Buffing continues until wood appears saturated and silk-mat. Apply more paste if necessary.
4. If a very mat finish is required, make buffing with cotton cloths under polishing pad. Let surface rest for 4 hours. Do not expose floor to water for 48 hours after finishing.

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