DriTac Solid Wood and Bamboo Floor Repair Kit - $1


DriTac Solid Wood and Bamboo Floor Repair Kit
The best solution for voids, hollow spots and popping conditions in wood flooring installations.

The same company that introduced the most popular hardwood flooring repair kit on today's market, the DriTac Engineered Wood Floor Repair Kit, comes with a new repair kit for the use of Solid and Bamboo Hardwood floors.

DriTac Invented the Complete Professional Wood Floor Repair Kit for repairing hollow spots, endlifting and loose areas. Your Hardwood floor can be walked on immediately after repair and there is no need to weigh down the repaired area. The DriTac Repair Kit Adhesive is very easy to clean-up with the use of just a simple damp cloth.

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Features & Benefits:

Two-part urethane system
Safe for the environment
For use with solid wood and Bamboo
Enhanced warranty
Easy to instal
Easy clean-up with damp cloth
Repair is quick and low cost
Self-contained and highly portable

For instructions and more information watch video -Solid Wood & Bamboo Flooring Repair Kit


Kit Contains:

2 - Adhesive Cartridges
1 - Injection Gun
3 - Mixing Nozzels
3 - Applicator Tips
1 - Dowel Punch
2 - Drill Bits

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$1.00 each