Wood Patch CompoundZAR Neutral Wood Patch - $26.49


Wood Patch Compound - ZAR Neutral Wood Patch

A LATEX Patching Compound Ready-To-Use

At AcademyFloor we carry different kinds of wood patch with a full color range. The wood patch products are designed to quickly and easily fill in large holes, cracks and gouges in wood. It sands easily, is flexible and adheres well to wood.

ZAR Neutral Wood Patch is a latex compound that fills nail holes, cracks, gouges, broken corners and chipped edges on hardwood surfaces. ZAR Interior Wood Patch stains better than conventional wood patching compounds. ZAR Interior Wood Patch is available in various colors, such as Neutral, Red Oak, and Golden Oak.

Features, Benefits And Specifications:

Fills open-grain and nail holes.

Repairs cracks and gouges on wood surfaces.

May be sanded, nailed, sawed, drilled, will take paint, varnish, shellac, polyurethanes and stain.

Full trowel latex patching compound for interior use only.

Low Odor.


Bucket Size: 1 Gal. (3.79L)

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